What I Want: Spring 2011 Wishlist

18 Mar

1.  Trench coat in a soft pretty peach or blush.  H&M has a fabulous one, I hope they still have my size!  Vera Wang has a nice olive colored one that I may consider.

2.  All lace shorts Maybe not.  Lace is a trend right now and there’s no use in accumulating a lot of lacey pieces.  I already have the lace trimmed shorts and an off the shoulder blouse–that’s enough.

3.  2  1 A-line skirts (or tiered will do)

4. Denim trousers (high-waisted)

5. Nude pumps

6. 4 belts: 2 skinny 2 regular width: I think I’m done. In the process of doing some spring cleaning, I came across several belts that I had forgotten about (that’s why I need that walk-in!)

7. Black pumps

8. Grey skinnies

9.  A pretty, feminine blouse

10. Denim jacket

11. Large blush purse I found her and she is soooooo pretty!

12. Lilac lipstick

13. Orange lipstick I changed my mind

14. Peep toe booties in a neutral color

15. 2 pairs of dressy shorts

16. 2 Scarves

17. A classic, white button-down that fits well

A real possibility Express $44.90


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