Shop Talk

5 Apr

I’ll admit, I used to shop without a goal in mind and would just buy, buy, buy.  Soon I found out that’s just all shades of crazy.  When you do that you end up with many versions of the same things or worse, not buying pieces that you actually need.  Here recently I’ve started making a list.  If you keep your closet stocked with the basics, it’s hard (but possible) to go wrong.

It’s cool to save money, too.  Now I like to have a coupon in hand or go when a particular store is having a sale. I mean why pay full price if you don’t have to? Programs like Kohl’s Cash are great incentives to keep me coming.  Also, being a teacher, I get %15 off at stores such as Ann Taylor’s Loft, The Limited, J Crew, and New York and Co.  I just have to remember to put my school id badge in my purse.

I like pieces that I can get double time out of, meaning I can wear them to my pink collar job and rock them on the weekend runway.  It’s a good way to get more bang for my buck.

There’s always the age-old dilemma of buying now or waiting until later.  This is a game I play all the time.  Sometimes when you wait, the item is gone or your size is no longer available.  Other times you hit the jackpot and it is marked to a limbo low!  I don’t know ladies, I’m still working through this one. If I want it bad enough I’ll go ahead and pay full price.

I need to develop a strategy for ordering items online. I’m always  ogling something , but I’ve recently cooled my jets.  I’m the type of person who must try on 90% of my clothes.  Every brand’s size is different.  I may be a 0 in Rachel Roy and a 2 in INC.  I do get tired of playing that guessing game.  Not to mention, the hassle of returning things!  Case in point–I ordered these from Topshop:

Photo 1 of VITA Off White Lace Peep Toe Ankle BootiesI had forgotten that this is a UK store and ordered my American size and they were way too roomy! When I tried to return them I had to complete a customs form as well as pay close to $20 for shipping! Needless to say I would have rather thrown those damn booties across the pond than go through all that! I kept them and will find a buyer… eventually.

These booties are another example of why I don’t like ordering online much anymore.  They do not look the same in person! Ugh!!!!


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