You Can’t Touch This (and you probably shouldn’t!)

27 Apr

When I was pregnant, about 7-8 months along, I tried on a pair of harem shorts.  They looked ridiculous!!! In fact, my friend and I could not stop laughing!  Her stepdaughter burst into my dressing room to see why we were so amused.  She immediately piped up “What’s wrong? Is your baby tickling you?!” 

With that being said, I don’t think I can do the harem pants trend.  They remind of two things:

1. Cow udders

2.  M.C. Hammer

While they are comfortable it is just too much slouchiness going on in the groin region, lol.  It looks messy and less than feminine.  They really don’t flatter too many body types either.

Now I could possibly work with these.  I definitely wouldn’t spend over $20 for a pair.  What are your thoughts on this summer trend?


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