About Face

4 May

I like to keep my make up simple, especially in the day time.  I wear the following items:

1.) Clinique foundation: I apply this sparingly as I don’t need a lot of coverage.  I blot afterwards.  One tube lasts me 6 months.  I prep using a blotting powder by MAC.

2.) Eye brow pencil: I inherited my mother’s sparse brows so I use a pencil to fill in.

3.) Sometimes I’ll use a neutral shadow such as MAC’s Play on Plums or Victoria Secret’s Secluded Lagoon, but more often than not, I go bare on the lids.

4.) Lip liner in Nightmoth by MAC: My MAC girl Kelly turned me on to this.  I had never used lip liner before.  But it does seem to help gloss stay in place.

5.)  Dazzleglass in Like Venus also by MAC.  Another Kelly recommendation.  I love how it gives a pretty, pink shimmer to the lip.  Even after wearing it all day, it still looks good and leaves behind a subtle tint and shine.

 Now night invites for a more dramatic countenance.

I wear the same products mentioned above, but instead of the neutral shadow, I like creating smoky eyes for the night time.  I use a black shadow with a hint of sparkle by.  Sometimes I’ll use Get Rich Quick, another lovely Dazzleglass.


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