Random Ra-Ra

19 Aug
  • I have been wearing the Diorshow mascara and while it is nice, I am not noticing a big difference from say Maybeline Greatlash. I likely won’t spend $28 again when I can get the same effect for $7.
  •  Hourglass Lash Lacquer is awesome. Many people have commented that my lashes look fake because of the length.
  • Speaking of length, a lot of it has to be attributed to Latisse which truly works.
  • I found a purple shade of shadow that is so pretty. I have been wearing almost daily.
  • The Crest Whitestrips have whitened my teeth a shade or two. I am tossing around the idea of having them professionally done.
  • I am in need of a pair of black peeptoe heels and more tops to wear to work.
  • I am so ready for autumn. Our summer has been sweltering. Plus, I love fall clothes, bring on the warm sweaters, tights, jeans, scarves, cute outerware, cords, and boots. Notice I DID not say winter!
  • My friend is getting married tomorrow (tear!) and I don’t know what I am going to wear! I’m thinking about wearing this dress shown below which I ordered from Ani Le last year.


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