Fashion and Beauty Resolutions

3 Jan

I’m thankful and blessed to see the light of a new year! With that being said, I have a few resolutions regarding beauty and fashion:

1.) Use what I have: I buy so many products and they are not all being used. What a terrible waste of money!

2.) Enjoy dressing: I want to approach each day and outfit as something unique. I’m going to stop throwing on anything when running errands. When I go to work, I want to dress snazzy everyday whether I feel like it or not!

3.) Think outside the closet: I need to spice my wardrobe up, seriously. Sometimes I am so safe and boring!

4.) Buy more sexy, cute, fun bed-clothes: I have tons of old t-shirts, comfy pajamas. and really old sleepwear. I know my fiance must get sick of looking at these things, lol. I’m going to get rid of half and replace what I get rid of. The best of both worlds, eh?

5 ) If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit: In 2012, I refuse to squeeze my feet into anything that is not comfortable–so I have a least ten pairs of shoes/boots that must go. Unfortunately some are brand new!

What are your beauty and fashion resolutions for 2012?! Do tell!



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