Pink Potluck #1: A little bit of this, a little bit of that

8 Jan

This is a new series I’d like to begin when I post about random things. Here goes it!

1.) I stopped in Sephora’s yesterday to pick up the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser. I’m eager to try this product with my Mia II. It’s a warming gel that deeply cleans and detoxifies the complexion. However, they did  have it! Sigh…I suppose I’ll order it online.

2.) I have been so exhausted lately. I guess it doesn’t help that I have been fighting a virus for the last five days or so. So last night I purchased gummy B12 vitamins. I hope they work!

3.) I picked up a pretty bottle of polish, Essie’s Go Overboard.

4.) Carson Pirie-Scott is having a great sale at the moment. I purchased two pairs of boots with an extra 40% off. So haute!

5.) Speaking of discounts, I installed a sales tax app on my phone-it gives you discount prices and everything. Love it!

6.) I enjoyed dinner and a bit of shopping with my good friend at CPK. I altered the Four Seasons ad traded a slice for her veggie. Since then, I have been craving a good veggie pizza!

7.) I have been using the Mia II for over a month now. I like it! I have noticed a difference in my skin as well. I even let my friend borrow it.

8.) My birthday is in exactly two weeks! I will be the big 3-4! I wonder what I am going to get, lol

9.) Speaking of my birthday, I received “gifts” from various retailers: A free set of Sugar Lips lip balms from Sephora’s, a $10 gift card from BeBe’s, $5 off at DSW, and I even received something from Toys R Us, lol!

10.) I’m on a mission to use everything I buy, so every time I finish a product, I am going to let you all know. I need you dolls to help hold me accountable!

11.) BCBG has a sweatshirt with a draped back. The back makes it as it looks like a regular sweatshirt from the front. But or $98 am I tripping?! It’s soooo cute though! Thoughts?


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