Weekend Warrior #?

17 Jan

I have shopped SO much since the last weekend warrior post that I truly don’t know what number I am on! I got behind quite some time ago, but anyhow, this weekend I picked up a few random things:

  • 3 bed slips from Victoria’s Secrets for roughly $12 a piece. I love these things! They are perfect for me because I tend to get too hot during the night.
  • 2 Jennifer Lopez sweaters from Kohl’s as well as the cable knit leggings featured on the previous post
  • Snow boots for my little guy from Stride Rite

I went to DSW searching for shoes to wear with the new dress I purchased for my birthday with no luck. I might just find a pair in my closet. It will be cold out and I’m thinking I want the added coverage of long boots versus booties.



One Response to “Weekend Warrior #?”

  1. Nikita Garner February 3, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

    Hello Ms. Nikia,
    You do have one reader. I think your blog is fabulous! It seems like you are having a lot of fun sharing your fashion sense. I enjoyed reading it and will continue to read. I will also try some of your tips, especially the mayo, olive oil and eggs concoction for my hair. I’m rocking a much shorter mane than yours, but it should work, right?! Lol. Anyway, great blog! You are a Pink Fashionista!

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