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28 Feb

Today’s outfit makes me think of Halloween and Twiggy, lol

Dress: H&M
Necklace: Love 21
Leggings: Kohl’s
Boots: Macy’s


Red Blaze

27 Feb

I was excited to find a red blazer this weekend at a reasonable price via H&M! I really went in hopes to snag a hot pink one but they were all MIA–:( I also got a thin black belt, a small cosmetics bag, and a bright orange shift dress (I’m channeling Twiggy here). From Aldo I bought a neon pink clutch-too cute. It will add a nice amount of pop to whatever I style it with.

I have on my blazer today as you can see below. This outfit is inspired by Bey’s look. However, to make it work worthy, I switched the jeans for tan trousers and the red pumps in lieu of booties.

Instead of loose and flowy, I opted for the infinity scarf  look which is actually a scarf I use to wrap my hair with, lol. But I washed before wearing so it’s all good. It’s all about multitasking!





Bagged Up

24 Feb

I confess, my purse is almost always a mess! So to clean it up, I have created a bag system. I had to replace my Victoria’s Secret Diamond Fund bag because it now looks so ratty, lol. I found the tape cassette bag at Target for $12.99. Here’s how I use each bag:
1.) Tape Cassette bag: This holds receipts, coupons, a note pad, business card holder, a receipt book, and other random pieces of paper.
2.) Purple Glam bag: Contains writing utensils, work badge and keys, and car keys.
3.) Small Cosmetic bag: She holds an assortment of lip products, hair bands, hair clips, and disposable toothbrushes (the mini ones).
4.) Leopard print bag: This is my girly bag-lotions, sanitizer, feminine products, gums and breath mints, etc.
5.) Betsy Johnson Fuchsia and black phone case: Holds my very fragile iPhone. This one is only one week old today. The other one met its death on a cold, hard Indiana sidewalk last week, lol
6.) Guess wallet: Cards, cards, and more cards!



Pink Potluck: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

22 Feb

1. I really want a red blazer! I can style it in so many ways. Leopard instantly comes to mind. I even went thrifting yesterday looking specifically for this item. However, I’m not real good at this style of shopping and walked away empty-handed. I need to find a nice Good Will because it is possible that I was at the wrong location, lol.

2. I need more clothes for work! I feel like I am missing too many of the basic staples–a nice pair of black pumps, white button down, khakis, cardi that can go with anything are things that come to mind. I have trousers in basic colors: chocolate, black, and grey. However, I need a better of variety of things to mix and mingle.

3. Victoria’s Secret has some really cute spring shoes!

4. I have a $250 Macy’s gift card begging to be used! I’m trying to wait until mid March before I start shopping again.

5. I’ve been on a big protein kick lately–my hair needs it!

This morning’s breakfast: Protein shake, strawberries, banana, almonds.









6. I was so pleased to find this flavor at Kroger–so yummy!


Rock & Republic

17 Feb

Rock & Republic has made its way to Kohl’s and these pieces below caught my eye:

Rock and Republic Distressed Sweater

Distressed Sweater $68.00 $47.60-Realy cute. I like the criss cross detail in the middle.

Rock and Republic Platform High Heels

Platforms $74.99 $51.99-The studs are a nice touch and add a tough girl look to an otherwise classic shoe

Rock and Republic Embellished Twill Blazer

Embellished Twill Blazer $90.00 $59.99-I like the rhinestone trim

Rock and Republic Tie-Dye Embellished Tee

Tie Dye Embellished Tee $48.00 $33.60-The sleeves on this tee rock!



16 Feb

I saw this new eye shadow and wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it. I finally gave in and grabbed the orange shade called “Fierce and Tangy #10.” I was surprised by the creamy texture. As you can see, it doesn’t look good on my skin, lol!  Hmmmm, still undecided on this one.



Mellow Yellow

7 Feb

I saw these bright yellow jeans (much brighter in person) at Target and had to have them. The color alone makes me feel happy! I also picked up two new scarves as well. The green one was like $4.

The jeans are so versatile. For one look I will be pairing them with a white tank, black leather jacket, and my black “Lorissa” studded peep toe pumps to toughen it up. Plus I love yellow with a hint of black and white.