Winter Lips

4 Feb

My lips have taken a terrible beating this winter. I really don’t know why because the season so far has been quite mild. Anyhow, I’ve rounded up weapons to fight the war on my parched lips:


1. eos-this lip balm is pretty thick and creamy. The strawberry sorbet scent is a nice bonus.
2. Nivea Intense Moisture-I use this medicated lip care a lot because after the chapping comes the pain. It also contains a analgesic to relieve irritated lips. It feels cool and minty.
3. Sugar Lip Treatment-I really like this! It smells sweet and citrusy! The brown sugar added helps exfoliate as well.
4. Revlon’s Lip Butter-I have “gumdrop” and the color is a pastel violet. It’s really pretty and goes on easy.
5. Maybelline’s Baby Lips-“Pink Punch” is what I am using for my puckers. It is a balm and reminds me of #4.
6. Neosporin Lip Health-I break out with this big gun at night, as it is overnight renewal therapy. It goes on thick and greasy but it does make my lips feel mucho better in the morning.
7. Last but not least, an old standby, Vaseline! I try to slather my lips with this when washing my face. I seriously believe that the soap I use to wash my face has leaked onto my lips and has contributed to the dryness.

What do you use to banish winter dryness?


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