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19 Jun

Hey you! Hope all is well. I had an awesome weekend with my guy at an beautiful, ultra secluded cabin! I plan to post about this later, however, I’m knee deep in school stuff at the moment! I’m taking FOUR summer classes! Stay tuned…


Me Time

13 Jun

School’s out for the summer, as the song goes, lol. In need of some pampering, I decided to treat myself and start the summer off right.




Pink, Purple, or Fuchsia

8 Jun

I’m putting together an outfit for my love’s birthday! I plan to wear a jumpsuit but I can’t decide which heels and accessories. The pink shoe has all the major colors in it: blue, neon pink, and white and it brings out the colors. The purple shoe has two of the colors in it: purple and magenta, however, this brings the tone of the colors down. This shoe looks more “mature” with the outfit.  Lastly, the fuchsia shoe seems to be a happy medium of the two. What do you guys think?