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Lush Life

24 Mar

I stopped by Lush a few weeks ago to get some cleansing products for my face.

I got the Dark Angels face mask and Tea Tree Water. After using the mask I’ve noticed that my pores feel tighter. And the water is a great toner. It removes residue left behind from soap and traces of make up.






21 Mar

Last week I ordered two pieces from the BaubleBar. . The package arrived in their signature grass-green box.  I ordered a pair of emerald spike studs and a gold handcuff charm necklace. They items came encased in velvet pouches. I love this because it makes for easy storing. This is one of the reasons that I seldom by accessories because of storage issues. I’ve had so many pieces of jewelry break due to tangling.

I had 144 bonus points on my account which means that $14 was deducted from my order, plus shipping is always free. So for the two pieces I paid $34. Even without the bonus points you earn for every dollar that you spend, the jewelry is still affordable which is a definite plus.

I even wore the earrings to work today, lol. 20130321-072732.jpg




Smart Shopper

18 Mar

Since I went on a self-imposed shopping ban in February, I’ve noticed that I am not buying as impulsively as I used to. I think about the usefulness of the item for starters. I also try to make sure that I will get my money’s worth by determining how much I will wear the item. I find that it’s a good idea to try to pair what you are buying with things you already have in the closet. It’s such a pain to have to buy every piece for an outfit.

The older I get, the more I shop for my body. I know that I can’t wear pieces that calls for no bra (the girls just don’t salute like they used to, lol) so there is no point in even wasting money. I need to tone up my midsection as well so no midriff baring tops for me.

I know I will need to pick up a few pieces for spring so I started off by cleaning out my main closet. Doing so I uncovered many things that I had forgotten about. It’s so wasteful to buy clothes and never wear them. I don’t want to be that person because I work too hard for my money. My goal is to wear everything that I own or give it away. Stockpiling and hoarding clothes only serves to clutter your closet causing you not to remember the things that you have. That’s one sure way to duplicate pieces, lol.


Shopping My Closet

11 Mar

Even though my shopping ban is over, I spent the month putting outfits together based on what I had. Here are a few of the ensembles:













Back at It!

5 Mar

For the month of February, I gave up shopping! It’s now March and I’m so glad that it’s over! Below is a picture of me at Macy’s. I purchased the black, gold, ivory, and Tiffany blue peep toes from there. The multicolored  pumps are from Target.

This weekend I plan on doing some serious shopping to add a few spring pieces to my wardrobe as well as prepare for my upcoming trip to Jamaica. I can wait to wade in the ocean water and bask in the sun!