25 Nov

I recently read in a magazine about a stylist who uses ReFresh dry shampoo between salon visits, and because she is Black, I was eager to see if it would work for me.

I sprayed it on thinking that it would saturate my hair, lol. No so. I probably sprayed too much because I wanted to have good results. But this initially left a powdery residue behind. I combed through it pretty well before wrapping it up.

The next day I was surprised that my normally oily hair wasn’t at all oily. My hair did feel heavy though and strangely clean.

I would only use this in a pinch because I noticed that it is very drying-which I’m assuming alcohol is a main ingredient. But then again, I might have sprayed too much.

I also picked up an old classic, Nozema, liquid soap which is supposed to moisture better than bar soap, and brownie bites vitamin. They taste like candy!



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