Archive | March, 2015

Pink Crush

11 Mar

I saw this little lady in Macy’s and got googly-eyed. 

Coach is the designer and it costs $348. It is a nice reminder that spring is just up yonder. 

Of course I love the color, but I also like the unique design. 

What are you eyeing for the upcoming Spring? Do tell dahling in my Zsa Zsa Gabor voice. 


Treat Yourself

11 Mar

The weather was so cold, wet, and dreary today that I felt like I was in London, lol. Not wanting to surrender to the doom and gloom, I decided to get a little “wet” air and headed over to The Cake Bake Shop. 

I love this place. You almost feel like you are in a Parisian pastry shop. 

I was torn between the Millionaire cake and the Marie Antoinette macaroon. 

I chose wisely as it was yummy-raspberry champagne was the flavor. 

This little treat brightened up my day.