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The Glamorous Life

4 Jul

I participated in the opener for a women’sconference at my church. Granted it’s warm outside and we modeled furs, but there is something about wearing a real fur coat that makes you feel so luxe. My coat was simply gorgeous. I felt like the Ice Queen, lol. It even matched the grey highlight in my hair. 

Underneath I wore all black as I did not want to compete or clash with the coat. 

My coat was only $4800 and 60% off of that price. I was in love. 

Elan Furs was gracious enough to let us use the coats for our event which worked for them, too. Several coats were sold after the show. 

I’m glad I participated as I had an awesome time and wasn’t the slightest bit nervous ripping the runway! 



24 Jun

I had a fabulous day at the IMA. I took my boys to see the awesome  Dream Cars exhibit.  One of the other exhibits I visited was couture fashion.  Here is a peek of what I saw! 


The layout was very sleek and sophisticated. 

Although most of the pieces were from yesteryear, it was exquisite and I would wear much of what I saw. 

Fashion is definitely a work of art! 


Yes to the dress! 


And these as well…

Adorable print in the blue.  

Viva Las Vegas

4 May

Hey dolls, I spent the weekend in Las Vegas to partake in the fight and all of its festivities. We stayed at the colossal MGM Grand. It was my first time visiting Vegas but I doubt my last.   It was so many people from all over the world in town for the slug fest. I was quite overwhelmed by the masses. Next time I go I’ll be sure to avoid any major event.    

 We still managed to enjoy ourselves and went sight seeing, shopping, and dining before viewing the long awaited match between “Pay”weather as I like to call him and Pacman. 

              The food was yummy and plentiful.

It was definitely a once and a lifetime event.  







Fight night



 My pants drew a lot of attention ­čś│. But the weather was so hot that open legs were very welcoming. 

   Me and Robert Guerro aka “The Ghost.”



Window seat 


After a long weekend, we made it safely back home. 

Wax On, Wax Off

30 Apr

Today I got my first ever Brazilian wax! I read a few articles online about the procedure so I had an idea of what to expect. Some people thought it was painless while others were appalled with the process.

I must admit that I was on the appalled end of the spectrum, lol. But I do have a very low tolerance for pain so it doesn’t take much to get me riled up.

Brittany over at My Little Secret Waxing Boutique did a great job assuaging my fears. She talked me through the process which helped.

However, I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. It felt like I was being tortured with each rip of the muslin cloth squares that removed the ultra hot wax. 

I can hardly believe people get this done on a regular basis because I was near tears, lol. It doesn’t take very long but during the actual waxing, it feels like a million years. 

The end result was a soft, smooth surface, though I believe I can achieve the same result in another less painful manner! 

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

24 Dec

Christmas is in two days. Here’s a peek in pictures of how I’ve been preparing:












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Blue Collar, Gold Swagger

16 Mar

This is from last week’s Pacer game against the Denver Nuggets. Unfortunately we lost, but it was nice to get out and support the home team.

Sweatshirt: Etsy
Tank: The Loft
Jeans: True Religion
Sneakers: Coach
Purse: BCBG


Age of Aquarius

30 Jan

I celebrated another year of life on January 22nd. The weather was pretty abysmal, so we actually waited until the still frigid weekend before venturing out. Here are glimpses of my day:

~Gifts from a parent

~Pink roses from Him

~Lunch at Yat’s

~4 creme brulee and 2 green tea ginger cupcakes

~Birthday dinner at Ocean Prime

~Shoes of the night

~Finally back home after a pit stop at Indiana Live Grand Casino (I was tired, lol)