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Wanted: Cute, Comfy Shoes

4 Jun

I have many pairs of shoes, but not of all types. I have lots of heels, sandals, and tennis shoes. However, I recently noticed that I only have one pair of casual flats! 

Don’t get me wrong-love my high heels, but even I must admit that they are not always practical. Especially the older I get. Also, I don’t like walking in them on uneven surfaces because it wears them down faster.  When I go to work in the mornings, I put my heels in my bag and put them on in the building to avoid walking in them on the rough parking lot. 

So it looks like I’ll be investing in some casual flats in the near future! 


Shoe In

16 Apr

Today I stopped in Macy’s and had no intention on looking at shoes. 


But I dared to walk on by…

  And it was love at first sight! Of course I had to try them on:

  And then I had to pose:

  I also saw these golden goodies:

  And these classy casual 


And these casual cuties:

  And these here were a maybe:


As were these:



 I did buy these:


I walked out with three pairs and received 30% off of each 😃.  


5 Nov

I’m a bit surprised by some folks reaction to Nordstrom Rack selling refurbished shoes (shoes that have been on display or gently worn and returned). So. what. If I can buy a pair of REAL Louboutins or other designer shoes for $79.99 that are in near pristine condition-please kindly point me in that direction!

What are your thoughts? Read the article here.

I’ll take these in a 37.5 please and thank you!

Pink, Purple, or Fuchsia

8 Jun

I’m putting together an outfit for my love’s birthday! I plan to wear a jumpsuit but I can’t decide which heels and accessories. The pink shoe has all the major colors in it: blue, neon pink, and white and it brings out the colors. The purple shoe has two of the colors in it: purple and magenta, however, this brings the tone of the colors down. This shoe looks more “mature” with the outfit.  Lastly, the fuchsia shoe seems to be a happy medium of the two. What do you guys think?





#Team Toms

29 May

I took one for the team and bought my first pair of Toms! I chose the “natural” neon. They are cute+comfy which = a good deal in my book! Not to mention, for every shoe that you purchase, a child in need will receive a pair as well! Now that rocks! Way to go Tom!




9 May

Here is what I’ve been wearing in the last week or so:






4 May

OMG, I love these! The back is to die for! But at $1452 I’d better pass, lol!