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Color Me Peach and Black

2 Jul

Any true Prince fan should understand the title for this post. 

I’ve had this shirt for years and am just now wearing it. I bought the shorts last year at Nordstrom Rack on clearance. It’s a small miracle really that I can still fit them considering I’ve gained weight, lol. 

When I’m hanging out with my sons, I like to look like a mom minus the waist high jeans circa 1980. However, I don’t want to look like their grandma either. 

So the quest for the middle road was found here: 

At the library with my wee one. My shopping tote courtesy of my lovely friend Karen who resides in Abu Dhabi. 

I love the drama in the back. 
And the front as well. You can see the geometric print of the pockets peeking out from one of the rips. 

I added a ornate necklace to serve as a faux collar for the mandarin neck and kept everything else simple. 

Completely covered yet still stylish for the win! 

Top: Niche

Shorts: Nordstrom Rack

Sandals: Macy’s

Jewelry: Macy’s 



5 Nov

I’m a bit surprised by some folks reaction to Nordstrom Rack selling refurbished shoes (shoes that have been on display or gently worn and returned). So. what. If I can buy a pair of REAL Louboutins or other designer shoes for $79.99 that are in near pristine condition-please kindly point me in that direction!

What are your thoughts? Read the article here.

I’ll take these in a 37.5 please and thank you!