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Pink Army

13 Jul

Pink, as you probably know, is my favorite color. Pale pink to be exact. So when I saw this skirt I wanted it immediately. 

“Camo goes with anything I wanna wear”according to Wiz Khalifa and I’d have to agree, lol. 

I just happened to have a dusty pink cami that matched perfectly. I added a sleeveless distressed denim jacket and a pair of pink sandals. 

I completed the look with a cute pink bow necklace. 

Skirt-Urban Outfitters

Jacket & Shoes-Macy’s

Necklace-Toys R Us 😂 



Pink, Purple, or Fuchsia

8 Jun

I’m putting together an outfit for my love’s birthday! I plan to wear a jumpsuit but I can’t decide which heels and accessories. The pink shoe has all the major colors in it: blue, neon pink, and white and it brings out the colors. The purple shoe has two of the colors in it: purple and magenta, however, this brings the tone of the colors down. This shoe looks more “mature” with the outfit.  Lastly, the fuchsia shoe seems to be a happy medium of the two. What do you guys think?





Pretty in Pink

11 Feb

 Pink Pose

Thinking of spring!