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25 Apr

Big City SneakerHow fresh are these? Though I’m not really a sneaker girl, I just ordered these for the summer! They also come in yellow, gold, turquoise, orange, and black. Of course I love the stiletto on the side! *Image via Google


Candy Coated Nails?

11 Apr

I keep hearing the Soul for Real song in my head as I write this post, lol. Anywho, I saw this new trend online. Intrigued, I bought the sprinkles. However, I might use them on cupcakes because I just might be a tad too “mature” for this look! Thoughts?


*Image via Instagram

Pink Potluck: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

9 Apr

Hello dolls! I’ve been on spring break for the last two weeks and I have been attempting to make headway on my to -do. But here are some things I wanted to share:


At the Pacer v. Heat game sporting my new lovely earrings. I was surprised at how much smaller Lebron James looks in person versus when he’s on television. Pacers won, Indiana rocks!


So glad I was able to clean out my closet over break to transition from winter to spring!


What I wore bowling with my boobie. I love my leopard booties-so chic


Headed to my boudoir photo shoot-the pictures turned out beautiful-I was extremely pleased! Can’t wait to get them back! I* just checked my email and my digital copies have arrived!!!!


Decisions, decisions. I featured the pair on my foot in the previous post. I really loved the look, fit, and color of the shoe and had a hard time deciding between the two! I know I don’t need two pairs of neopn pink shoes–but hey, if one goes on sale I just might be persuaded to buy them!


Headed to eat some Vietnamese food before running errands! It was chilly out so I threw on my new blazer with some jeans–gold shorts next!


What I wore to see The Hunger Games. Like a good little English teacher, I read the book first and went to see the movie. I loved it and

cried during Rue’s death scene. Although Lennie K. did a good job as Cinna, I really pictured David Tuterra in that role!


The winner! I have to have them sent as I wanted a half size bigger and Macy’s did not have them in stock.


My baby’s latest kicks. I love the stripes on the inside!