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Wanted: Cute, Comfy Shoes

4 Jun

I have many pairs of shoes, but not of all types. I have lots of heels, sandals, and tennis shoes. However, I recently noticed that I only have one pair of casual flats! 

Don’t get me wrong-love my high heels, but even I must admit that they are not always practical. Especially the older I get. Also, I don’t like walking in them on uneven surfaces because it wears them down faster.  When I go to work in the mornings, I put my heels in my bag and put them on in the building to avoid walking in them on the rough parking lot. 

So it looks like I’ll be investing in some casual flats in the near future! 


Smart Shopper

18 Mar

Since I went on a self-imposed shopping ban in February, I’ve noticed that I am not buying as impulsively as I used to. I think about the usefulness of the item for starters. I also try to make sure that I will get my money’s worth by determining how much I will wear the item. I find that it’s a good idea to try to pair what you are buying with things you already have in the closet. It’s such a pain to have to buy every piece for an outfit.

The older I get, the more I shop for my body. I know that I can’t wear pieces that calls for no bra (the girls just don’t salute like they used to, lol) so there is no point in even wasting money. I need to tone up my midsection as well so no midriff baring tops for me.

I know I will need to pick up a few pieces for spring so I started off by cleaning out my main closet. Doing so I uncovered many things that I had forgotten about. It’s so wasteful to buy clothes and never wear them. I don’t want to be that person because I work too hard for my money. My goal is to wear everything that I own or give it away. Stockpiling and hoarding clothes only serves to clutter your closet causing you not to remember the things that you have. That’s one sure way to duplicate pieces, lol.


Weekend Warrior #?

19 Mar

I did some light shopping this weekend and was a bit underwhelmed. However, I found a couple of cool pieces:

H&M blazer $49. I’m going to pair this with some gold sequined hot shorts! You can see the corner of them in the photo. This navy and white blazer can be styled so many ways!

Skirt $78 $41 Sears via The Kardashians. This skirt is soooo cute and quite comparable to one I wanted by BCBG for $198! This shimmer petal skirt is so fun!

I tried this Rachel Roy dress on and it looked like a paper bag, lol. Height does matter sometimes! I really wanted this dress. I love the high/low hemline as well as the pleats.

I spotted these Guess peeptoes but wasn’t so sure about the color. I know neons are in, but I wondered how much wear I would really get out of them after the trend fades. But I’m going back to save them because they are pink after all!

For some reason I have been on a sneaker kick lately! I saw three more pairs that I want.

I couldn’t leave Walgreen’s without this mini size Vaseline–too cute!


I saw this bag at The Gap, but I thought $50 was a bit steep. But the blue sequined panel is eye-catching and an awfully pretty pop of color!

Red Blaze

27 Feb

I was excited to find a red blazer this weekend at a reasonable price via H&M! I really went in hopes to snag a hot pink one but they were all MIA–:( I also got a thin black belt, a small cosmetics bag, and a bright orange shift dress (I’m channeling Twiggy here). From Aldo I bought a neon pink clutch-too cute. It will add a nice amount of pop to whatever I style it with.

I have on my blazer today as you can see below. This outfit is inspired by Bey’s look. However, to make it work worthy, I switched the jeans for tan trousers and the red pumps in lieu of booties.

Instead of loose and flowy, I opted for the infinity scarf  look which is actually a scarf I use to wrap my hair with, lol. But I washed before wearing so it’s all good. It’s all about multitasking!





Rock & Republic

17 Feb

Rock & Republic has made its way to Kohl’s and these pieces below caught my eye:

Rock and Republic Distressed Sweater

Distressed Sweater $68.00 $47.60-Realy cute. I like the criss cross detail in the middle.

Rock and Republic Platform High Heels

Platforms $74.99 $51.99-The studs are a nice touch and add a tough girl look to an otherwise classic shoe

Rock and Republic Embellished Twill Blazer

Embellished Twill Blazer $90.00 $59.99-I like the rhinestone trim

Rock and Republic Tie-Dye Embellished Tee

Tie Dye Embellished Tee $48.00 $33.60-The sleeves on this tee rock!


Mellow Yellow

7 Feb

I saw these bright yellow jeans (much brighter in person) at Target and had to have them. The color alone makes me feel happy! I also picked up two new scarves as well. The green one was like $4.

The jeans are so versatile. For one look I will be pairing them with a white tank, black leather jacket, and my black “Lorissa” studded peep toe pumps to toughen it up. Plus I love yellow with a hint of black and white.





Weekend Warrior

30 Jan

This weekend I did a little shopping and got the following items:





I already have shoes to go with each dress. The tan and red striped dress would look haute with my Betsy Johnson’s and the snake print one would look nice with the mauve J-Lo peep toes, the dress is her label as well.


I’m thinking about buying a bottle of Bond No. 9, but they have quite a few to choose from! So far I like “Scent of Peace,” Madison Square Park,” and “Little Italy.” The perfumista Mir, was kind enough to give me samples of the first two.