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Wax On, Wax Off

30 Apr

Today I got my first ever Brazilian wax! I read a few articles online about the procedure so I had an idea of what to expect. Some people thought it was painless while others were appalled with the process.

I must admit that I was on the appalled end of the spectrum, lol. But I do have a very low tolerance for pain so it doesn’t take much to get me riled up.

Brittany over at My Little Secret Waxing Boutique did a great job assuaging my fears. She talked me through the process which helped.

However, I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. It felt like I was being tortured with each rip of the muslin cloth squares that removed the ultra hot wax. 

I can hardly believe people get this done on a regular basis because I was near tears, lol. It doesn’t take very long but during the actual waxing, it feels like a million years. 

The end result was a soft, smooth surface, though I believe I can achieve the same result in another less painful manner! 


Shoe In

16 Apr

Today I stopped in Macy’s and had no intention on looking at shoes. 


But I dared to walk on by…

  And it was love at first sight! Of course I had to try them on:

  And then I had to pose:

  I also saw these golden goodies:

  And these classy casual 


And these casual cuties:

  And these here were a maybe:


As were these:



 I did buy these:


I walked out with three pairs and received 30% off of each 😃.  

Blue Hue

14 Apr

When I saw this skirt I wanted it. I had been looking for a tulle skirt and missed out on the chance to buy one I really wanted, so I pounced on this one. 


This outfit shouts spring. I paired it with a long sleeve button down, classic pearl accessories, and a pair of soft blue pumps mixed with pops of color. 


 I felt like a girl circa 1955, lol. 

Skirt, shirt, and heels: Kohl’s