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Color Me Peach and Black

2 Jul

Any true Prince fan should understand the title for this post. 

I’ve had this shirt for years and am just now wearing it. I bought the shorts last year at Nordstrom Rack on clearance. It’s a small miracle really that I can still fit them considering I’ve gained weight, lol. 

When I’m hanging out with my sons, I like to look like a mom minus the waist high jeans circa 1980. However, I don’t want to look like their grandma either. 

So the quest for the middle road was found here: 

At the library with my wee one. My shopping tote courtesy of my lovely friend Karen who resides in Abu Dhabi. 

I love the drama in the back. 
And the front as well. You can see the geometric print of the pockets peeking out from one of the rips. 

I added a ornate necklace to serve as a faux collar for the mandarin neck and kept everything else simple. 

Completely covered yet still stylish for the win! 

Top: Niche

Shorts: Nordstrom Rack

Sandals: Macy’s

Jewelry: Macy’s 


Fall Harvest

29 Sep

This outfit reminds me of the fire of fall-autumnal orange, mustard, and shades of tan. I usually wear dresses to work so this was a change for me. 

Blouse- BCBG via Nordstrom Rack


Heels-Vera Wang via Kohl’s

Bow bracelet-Macy’s


Girls in the Hood

18 Aug

Yesterday we went to see the movie “Straight Outta Compton.” It was really poignant and conjured up a lot of memories for me. I was coming of age when NWA burst upon the scene. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Eazy E was so witty and funny.  Jason Mitchell did a great job conveying this side of his personality. Ice Cube’s son’s portrayal as his dad was stellar. And the soundtrack was banging. I couldn’t help but sing along as I knew most of the lyrics, lol.

 The weather was nice but on the cool side.
 Thus I threw something together that would help keep me warm despite the polar air that they blast in the theatre.
 This skirt is six years old and SO mini that the duster was perfect.
 Tank: Target

Skirt: Bebe’s

Duster: Nasty Gal

Shoes and Accessories: Macy’s

Shopping My Closet

11 Mar

Even though my shopping ban is over, I spent the month putting outfits together based on what I had. Here are a few of the ensembles:













Fashion and Beauty Resolutions

3 Jan

I’m thankful and blessed to see the light of a new year! With that being said, I have a few resolutions regarding beauty and fashion:

1.) Use what I have: I buy so many products and they are not all being used. What a terrible waste of money!

2.) Enjoy dressing: I want to approach each day and outfit as something unique. I’m going to stop throwing on anything when running errands. When I go to work, I want to dress snazzy everyday whether I feel like it or not!

3.) Think outside the closet: I need to spice my wardrobe up, seriously. Sometimes I am so safe and boring!

4.) Buy more sexy, cute, fun bed-clothes: I have tons of old t-shirts, comfy pajamas. and really old sleepwear. I know my fiance must get sick of looking at these things, lol. I’m going to get rid of half and replace what I get rid of. The best of both worlds, eh?

5 ) If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit: In 2012, I refuse to squeeze my feet into anything that is not comfortable–so I have a least ten pairs of shoes/boots that must go. Unfortunately some are brand new!

What are your beauty and fashion resolutions for 2012?! Do tell!


Getting Organized

16 Aug





My little closet was getting way out of hand as you can see above. I removed everything from the bottom and added a shoe rack. I am happy so far with my efforts. I also worked on my jewelry box to prevent pieces breaking which I have had happen. How do you organize?

It’s Time

11 Jun


I spent a good deal of money having fall and winter items dry cleaned as well as altered. Therefore when the seasons change and summer break is over, I will be prepared.