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24 Jun

I had a fabulous day at the IMA. I took my boys to see the awesome  Dream Cars exhibit.  One of the other exhibits I visited was couture fashion.  Here is a peek of what I saw! 


The layout was very sleek and sophisticated. 

Although most of the pieces were from yesteryear, it was exquisite and I would wear much of what I saw. 

Fashion is definitely a work of art! 


Yes to the dress! 


And these as well…

Adorable print in the blue.  


Pas De Deux

8 Jun

I have my eye on two things at the moment, both so pretty and girly. The first is a pair of pale pink heels with an oversized bow by Jeffrey Campbell. I really, really like these!

This is known as a bum” bag in Great Britain aka a fanny pack in America. I know that they might not be in style, but this one is so stylish. The sequins glam it up a notch. Plus, these bags are totally convenient.

What’s on your most wanted list? Do tell!

Wanted: Cute, Comfy Shoes

4 Jun

I have many pairs of shoes, but not of all types. I have lots of heels, sandals, and tennis shoes. However, I recently noticed that I only have one pair of casual flats! 

Don’t get me wrong-love my high heels, but even I must admit that they are not always practical. Especially the older I get. Also, I don’t like walking in them on uneven surfaces because it wears them down faster.  When I go to work in the mornings, I put my heels in my bag and put them on in the building to avoid walking in them on the rough parking lot. 

So it looks like I’ll be investing in some casual flats in the near future!