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23 Jan

Today is the day I was born. I am simply thankful to see another year. I am also thankful for the overwhelming love that was freely shown to me.  

  Sweater: Free People

Leggings: Anthropologie 
Boots: Von Maur 

Necklace: The Bauble Bar

I didn’t take off work as I normally do and it was such a blessing. God is so good and had many people working on His behalf all in honor of me. 



Miracle in a Bottle

13 Jan

Has anyone tried micellar water? It’s the latest craze in skincare and being that my skin can be an oily, acne prone mess, I thought I’d give it the old college try. 

I must say I’m glad I did. This stuff is fabulous. You can use it to remove make up, to freshen up, or for general cleansing. I use it as an astringent to remove any leftover traces of dirt, make up, oil, or soap scum. 

There are different brands on the market, but I settled for Garnier  because their list of ingredients was shorter than that of the other companies-even Simple, believe it or not. They also have a blue bottle that is solely for waterproof make up. It also comes in purse size bottles.  Plus it was only $4.99 which was cheaper than the rest.  

Garnier touts that the water “features micelle cleansing molecules that pull dirt and oil away from the face.” I have no idea what those molecules are but I’m sold! It doesn’t irritate or dry my skin out like alcohol and some other astringents I’ve tried before. 

Please leave a comment if you’ve tried it and let me know what you think! 

Queen of the Ice

11 Jan

We went ice skating again-one of my favorite winter activities. I kept my look simple, a Christmas sweater that reads “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” which is a line from the classic Home Alone, destroyed jeans, and furry socks. I added a pearl necklace for a bit of elegance.

  Of course, a fun time was had by all.