Portrait in Pink

Hello fellow fashionistas! My name is Nikki.  A few of my titles include mom,  English teacher, fiance, and self-proclaimed fashion ladybug.  I started this blog as a way to chronicle and explore my personal style.  Sometimes I am reluctant to try new looks, but I figure life and trends are short, so why not?! I’ve  started off slowly by accessorizing more, being bold with color, and trying pieces that I wouldn’t normally wear.

When I’m not working I  typically wear jeans that I may jazz up with heels or tone down with a cardigan and cami.  I like sleek, covertly sexy, tailored looking pieces.  I seldom wear tennis shoes, but if I do they are very casual and never athletic looking (lately my fiance has been gifting them by the dozens and I must say I like them!)  I’m not really into the vintage/thrift store vibe but I will rock the preppy look.

I do not like  logo infused clothes–I’m so not a walking billboard!

I like looking like a lady. And polished. And glamorous.

Currently loving  dresses and skirts.

My day look is different from my night look (hope your is, too!)

Pink is my favorite color, obviously, and that might have something to do with all the years I spent in ballet tights!

I’ve made a blood oath to stop shopping/perusing in the junior’s department  FOR ANYTHING–even if I can still fit their items.

Some of my favorite stores include: Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Target, The Limited, The Loft, BCBG, and  H&M. 

I’m also starting to realize what looks best on my petite/ curvy body which has managed to remain virtually unscathed by two pregnancies.

Join me on my journey!


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