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Baby Swag #2

19 Jan

I love the versatility of camoflouge and army green is such a hip neutral.





Weekend Warrior #?

17 Jan

I have shopped SO much since the last weekend warrior post that I truly don’t know what number I am on! I got behind quite some time ago, but anyhow, this weekend I picked up a few random things:

  • 3 bed slips from Victoria’s Secrets for roughly $12 a piece. I love these things! They are perfect for me because I tend to get too hot during the night.
  • 2 Jennifer Lopez sweaters from Kohl’s as well as the cable knit leggings featured on the previous post
  • Snow boots for my little guy from Stride Rite

I went to DSW searching for shoes to wear with the new dress I purchased for my birthday with no luck. I might just find a pair in my closet. It will be cold out and I’m thinking I want the added coverage of long boots versus booties.


Baby Swag

29 Dec

This is my 20-month-old’s OOTD: Jeans: Gap Kids
Shirt: H&M
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Rocawear


Haute Mama

25 Feb

My baby boy will be turning one soon, but I will still need a diaper to tote on errands or when he visits family and/or friends.  I don’t like diaper bags that look like such.  I want something cute and stylish. Afterall, I have to carry it! Here are a few of my choices:

Petunia Pickle Bottom 'Wistful Weekends' ToteWistful Weekends bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom $129

Petunia Pickle Bottom 'Sashay' Organic Cotton Baby BagPetunia Pickle Bottom Sashay $119

Burberry Madison diaper tote $850

Burberry Check Heart Diaper Tote $695

Juicy Couture Rugby Stroller Bag $298

But who knows, I may even go with a budget friendly backpack!

Boys' Fairfax Large Backpacks