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#Team Toms

29 May

I took one for the team and bought my first pair of Toms! I chose the “natural” neon. They are cute+comfy which = a good deal in my book! Not to mention, for every shoe that you purchase, a child in need will receive a pair as well! Now that rocks! Way to go Tom!




Pink Potluck: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

29 May

Hey dolls! I’ve been so busy lately with school, work, kids, running a household-the usual plight of the working mom! Anywho, here is a serving of very random pink potluck! The pictures are not in the order that I wished, but I guess that happens when you blog from your phone!

1. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! It’s becoming an obsession I tell you! I finally busted out the lace “socks” that I ordered from Topshop last year. I paired them with red cigarette pants, a white tank, and a black blazer. I liked them better than I thought I would! They are definitely different!

2. I ordered the Jeffrey Campbell Rock Me in  two colors: bone and turquoise and pink and tan. I’ve only worn the blue pair once but I got a ton of compliments on them.

3. These Brian Atwood sandals-love y’all! So unique and summery! I’m stalking the price so that I will be ready to pounce when they go down, lol

4. I’m undecided about this Jeffrey Campbell collab with Wildfox. I love all things ballet but I am not sure I can rock the platforms. They remind me of my pointe shoes but of course they are a whole lot thicker. This might just be too much shoe for me, lol

5. I’ve been wearing a side part in my hair after wearing a middle part for ages. However, the swoop is killing me! I feel like I have an eye patch on, lol

6. I love the versatility of this blazer! I have so many ways to style it in mind–over an orange sun dress, with denim cutoffs, red pants–here I wore it with gold trousers and navy heels for a nautical feel.

7. My Be&D’s arrived and I’ve worn them once already-tre chic!










DIY:Neon Necklace

29 May

So I love the Tom Binn neon necklaces, however, they are simply not in the 2012 fiscal budget! What’s a girl to do other than make her own?! I purchased a basic rhinestone necklace from Love 21 for like $13 and used neon polishes that I already owned and viola!





Mother’s Day

16 May

Hey you! Though this post is three days overdue, I hope all the ladies had a nice, relaxing day, lol. I certainly did. We went out to dinner, took a long drive in the convertible with the top down, and walked on the canal. I got a few nice perks including a new car!





Dress and accessories: Bebe

Shoes: Betsey Johnson


9 May

Here is what I’ve been wearing in the last week or so:






4 May

OMG, I love these! The back is to die for! But at $1452 I’d better pass, lol!