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22 Mar

I like the way my outfit came together today. It all looks so “seaside” lol. I wish I had someone to take pics of me. When I try they look so silly, lol. This dress reminds me of Clair Huxtable for some reason, I guess because it looks so “mature” yet polished. I opted against heels and choose a pair of nude t-strap bow ballet flats.


Eyes wide shut, lol

Dress, necklace, and bracelets: Macy’s

Purse: Shi


Pretty Palette

22 Mar

I picked this up from Sephora’s–so pretty! The colors are highly pigmented and vibrant. They show up well on my brown skin.




Weekend Warrior #?

19 Mar

I did some light shopping this weekend and was a bit underwhelmed. However, I found a couple of cool pieces:

H&M blazer $49. I’m going to pair this with some gold sequined hot shorts! You can see the corner of them in the photo. This navy and white blazer can be styled so many ways!

Skirt $78 $41 Sears via The Kardashians. This skirt is soooo cute and quite comparable to one I wanted by BCBG for $198! This shimmer petal skirt is so fun!

I tried this Rachel Roy dress on and it looked like a paper bag, lol. Height does matter sometimes! I really wanted this dress. I love the high/low hemline as well as the pleats.

I spotted these Guess peeptoes but wasn’t so sure about the color. I know neons are in, but I wondered how much wear I would really get out of them after the trend fades. But I’m going back to save them because they are pink after all!

For some reason I have been on a sneaker kick lately! I saw three more pairs that I want.

I couldn’t leave Walgreen’s without this mini size Vaseline–too cute!


I saw this bag at The Gap, but I thought $50 was a bit steep. But the blue sequined panel is eye-catching and an awfully pretty pop of color!

It Works!

14 Mar

I’ve been using MOM for over a week now and I must say I am impressed! Normally after a FEW minutes I would be having a facial meltdown, but the MOM really holds the oil slicks at bay! It even works better than the Smashbox Photo Primer. I’ll have to see how it fares in the sticky, sweltering summer months though.

I also replaced my Clinique foundation for Nars. Wish I would have cleaned the bottle up before photo’ing, lol



Pink Potluck: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

6 Mar

1. I saw this Coach clutch in Glamour magazine for $168, a special price. The picture below looks different from the one featured in the magazine. The colors were bright neons, but this will give you an idea. It will be perfect for summer. I ordered it today!


2. Has anyone tried the “water” manicure”? First you paint your nails with a light base coat, then you put different shades of polish in a cup of water, swirl with a toothpick, dip, and viola! I’ve heard it’s messy and time-consuming though. I’m short on time so I might have to pass on this trend.

3. My dear Friend Macy’s is having a sale this weekend that I plan on breaking my neck to get to! I have a gift card asking to be spent, lol

4. I think I want to try a few of the colors from The Hunger Games by China Glaze Electrify and Smoke and Ashes is holding my attention:

5. I seriously need to reinvent, rehaul, and rework my wardrobe! I am finding that I have very few pieces that I can wear to work! I am a high school teacher and I like looking professional.I have to run to the dry cleaners tonight just so I can finish out the week!

6. Someone, anyone, please write a post about thrifting! I am so not good at it. Everytime I walk in a thrift store, I immediately want to turn around and exit. I am too impatient to look for things and honestly it all looks like junk to me. But then I see people on blogs looking oh so haute in their thrifted pieces! I have NO idea what I am doing! Maybe I am not looking in the right stores…sending an SOS here…

7. Just ordered the cutest earrings in yellow and hot pink leather! So cute and custom! Stayed tuned for pics to come.

8. The weather is a mess. It stormed and rained on Friday and a tornado hit southern Indiana as well, and today we woke up to snow! I’m praying for my fellow Hoosiers! I want to do some type of drive here at school to help our neighbors

9. I think I may need to start moisturizing my hands more, they are starting to “age.” I wash them religiously so I constantly have to apply lotion, but maybe I need to sleep in gloves. They are starting to look like this:


Look ma, old hands!!




Notice the resemblance, lol!