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Pink Crush

11 Mar

I saw this little lady in Macy’s and got googly-eyed. 

Coach is the designer and it costs $348. It is a nice reminder that spring is just up yonder. 

Of course I love the color, but I also like the unique design. 

What are you eyeing for the upcoming Spring? Do tell dahling in my Zsa Zsa Gabor voice. 


Bagged Up

24 Feb

I confess, my purse is almost always a mess! So to clean it up, I have created a bag system. I had to replace my Victoria’s Secret Diamond Fund bag because it now looks so ratty, lol. I found the tape cassette bag at Target for $12.99. Here’s how I use each bag:
1.) Tape Cassette bag: This holds receipts, coupons, a note pad, business card holder, a receipt book, and other random pieces of paper.
2.) Purple Glam bag: Contains writing utensils, work badge and keys, and car keys.
3.) Small Cosmetic bag: She holds an assortment of lip products, hair bands, hair clips, and disposable toothbrushes (the mini ones).
4.) Leopard print bag: This is my girly bag-lotions, sanitizer, feminine products, gums and breath mints, etc.
5.) Betsy Johnson Fuchsia and black phone case: Holds my very fragile iPhone. This one is only one week old today. The other one met its death on a cold, hard Indiana sidewalk last week, lol
6.) Guess wallet: Cards, cards, and more cards!



New Bag

19 Aug


Love the classic look of this satchel and the girly pink lining inside.

Pretty in Peach

9 Aug



I love my new bag by Guess. The color combo really rocks in soft peach and pale grey. It roomy with several compartments. I also like the classy look. Definitely winning with this satchel.