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Miracle in a Bottle

13 Jan

Has anyone tried micellar water? It’s the latest craze in skincare and being that my skin can be an oily, acne prone mess, I thought I’d give it the old college try. 

I must say I’m glad I did. This stuff is fabulous. You can use it to remove make up, to freshen up, or for general cleansing. I use it as an astringent to remove any leftover traces of dirt, make up, oil, or soap scum. 

There are different brands on the market, but I settled for Garnier  because their list of ingredients was shorter than that of the other companies-even Simple, believe it or not. They also have a blue bottle that is solely for waterproof make up. It also comes in purse size bottles.  Plus it was only $4.99 which was cheaper than the rest.  

Garnier touts that the water “features micelle cleansing molecules that pull dirt and oil away from the face.” I have no idea what those molecules are but I’m sold! It doesn’t irritate or dry my skin out like alcohol and some other astringents I’ve tried before. 

Please leave a comment if you’ve tried it and let me know what you think! 



4 Jul

I was traipsing around Target the other day and stumbled upon these beauties:

I don’t know who Vegas Nay is, but her Grand Glamor eyelashes are exquisite. The box says “lightweight” but they did feel a little heavy after the initial application.

I felt so sultry with them on, lol. I love the multiple layer effect.


25 Nov

I recently read in a magazine about a stylist who uses ReFresh dry shampoo between salon visits, and because she is Black, I was eager to see if it would work for me.

I sprayed it on thinking that it would saturate my hair, lol. No so. I probably sprayed too much because I wanted to have good results. But this initially left a powdery residue behind. I combed through it pretty well before wrapping it up.

The next day I was surprised that my normally oily hair wasn’t at all oily. My hair did feel heavy though and strangely clean.

I would only use this in a pinch because I noticed that it is very drying-which I’m assuming alcohol is a main ingredient. But then again, I might have sprayed too much.

I also picked up an old classic, Nozema, liquid soap which is supposed to moisture better than bar soap, and brownie bites vitamin. They taste like candy!



15 Jun

I wanted to add a little “drama” to my day time look and decided to try Eylure lashes. I bought them for $7.99 from Target. I chose style number 202 “Dramatic” which was perfect for the look I was after. I’m guessing that they are a British company based upon the Union Jack flag on the box.


The lashes applied easily despite having a double layer. The kit came with adhesive as well as an applicator tool. It also had pictorial applying instructions. However, I opted not to use the supplied adhesive and instead bought Duo adhesive in black as it looks more natural than the white stuff.


I was pleased with the end result. I feel so pretty and feminine with them on, lol.


Clean Face

1 Mar

Unfortunately, I have very oily, acne prone skin. So I was excited to see Garnier’s new facial cleaner made especially for my skin type. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I do like it. I’ve even noticed that my pores look tighter. I have yet to use it with my Mia, but that’s next.



Lush Life

24 Mar

I stopped by Lush a few weeks ago to get some cleansing products for my face.

I got the Dark Angels face mask and Tea Tree Water. After using the mask I’ve noticed that my pores feel tighter. And the water is a great toner. It removes residue left behind from soap and traces of make up.





3 Dec

I stopped by Sephora this weekend to spend the $15 coupon that I received in the mail and to replenish my foundation. Previously I used Macao by┬áNars. However, based upon a coworker’s recommendation, I tried Make up Forever #75 Mat Velvet. So far I like it.

I also got more primer which my oily skin needs.

When I saw this pretty pop of color, I had to try Nars Holly Woodlawn. It’s an orangey-red shade. I’ve never worn a red on my lips before but this one is quite nice.